Writing update.

The title of this post is a misnomer because I don’t actually have any update to give. Not really. But seeing as the point of this blog is mostly writing and it’s been a very long time since I mentioned the situation, I thought I had better do so now.

The partial manuscript that I spoke about before was rejected. Quite – um – definitively. I wasn’t exactly surprised because it was very far outside my normal genre. It wasn’t science fiction or anything, but neither was it chick lit. So in light of that advice I’ve done two things. Firstly I’ve gone back to what I probably do best and I’m writing (re-writing) the original manuscript that I was working on. It’s the original in a very, very loose sense because it has changed beyond all recognition but I firmly believe it is better for it. So that’s the current work in progress. It even has a title! It feels slightly dangerous and like I’m getting way ahead of myself to be working so seriously on something new while I don’t have a publisher for Daisychain (still no response from fifth and final publisher) but most writers write because they are compelled to do so and that is certainly true of me. Plus the fact that I do have to be seen to be doing something by my husband.

And secondly, the rejection of the partial manuscript has also jolted me into making a few decisions. I am not at liberty to say what they are at the moment but I as soon as I have anything concrete to say, I shall do so here. “Bear with….” as the Miranda catchphrase goes…..

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