About Sarah

Sarah Haynes was born in Surrey and grew up in the small village of Wargrave in Berkshire with her younger sister and brother, attending the Abbey School in Reading. Looking after her ponies and writing stories took up all of her spare time in a rather idyllic childhood.
After completing her A-Levels in English, History and Spanish she studied Law at Southampton University. She had her eldest daughter in her first year at University, taking a year out before returning and graduating a year later than planned.
Sarah now lives in Hampshire with her two daughters, two dogs, two cats and a pony. It can get a little crazy sometimes 🙂
Things He Never Knew - Cover Image

Sarah Haynes’ Debut Novel


About “Things He Never Knew”



What must it be like to live your life knowing that one wrong word, spoken in the wrong place, could destroy everything that you’ve worked so hard to protect?Steph Hammond knows. Along with husband Theo and their twin daughters, she lives an idyllic and happy life – that doesn’t quite belong to her. And then suddenly the reappearance of old friend Ed in their lives threatens to shatter their existence.

The catastrophic consequences of past actions begin to rise to the surface once again and it’s going to take everything in Steph’s power to control the situation –  if she can manage it at all….