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Chloe from has produced the first ever review for Things He Never Knew

Reading a book by an unsigned author is always a bit of a gamble because you know they haven’t gone through the usual agent and publishers process that other authors have been through in the past. However, Sarah Haynes’ debut novel Things He Never Knew is a fantastic read, and certainly one that I should expect that should be picked up by a big name publisher. It’s about Steph Hammond, and a secret she’s been hiding from her husband Theo for 10 years. It’s soon clear to the reader what Steph’s secret is, but the drama comes from us waiting for everything to fall apart from Steph, and the ramifications when it does. The characters are all very real and while I sympathised with Steph, you can’t help but really feel for poor old Theo. Yes, it’s a story that has been done before within chick lit butI loved the writing, the tension made it so that I couldn’t put it down and it was just a very well crafted read overall. I hope Sarah Haynes continues to write because she is definitely an author I want to read more from based on this brilliant book. (Chloe)

Cari Rosen

Cari is a columnist for the Jewish Chronicle and the author of “The Secret Diary Of A New Mum (Aged 43 ¼)” that will be published in February 2011 by Vermillion. You can read more about her at

You know when you have found a good read when you can’t wait to go to bed so you can pick up where you left off. I’ve been having a run of early nights…

Apart from the fact I was suffering from major house envy before I was even halfway through, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of family life with a twist. Steph and Theo appear to have it all – until a secret from the past threatens to blow their perfect world apart.

Yes, the plot unfolds early on.  But what keeps you hooked is the way that the family – and friends – deal with the various twists and turns they face. The main characters are particularly sympathetic. I wanted to hate Steph for her designer jeans, her glossy shampoo-advert hair and her free rein with the decorating budget. But actually I liked her. Theo too.

Three-dimensional characters, characters who are not unrealistically perfect but come with as many flaws as the rest of us, are exactly what you want to draw you in. I thoroughly recommend “Things He Never Knew” as the ideal book to curl up with on a winter’s evening.

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